Friday, June 22, 2007


Summer Solstice

Yesterday, to celebrate the first day of summer, we rode out to the Lutheran Seminary, and joined up with two friends also on bikes. It was a sultry, steamy evening, with every green and living thing reaching for the sky. We had to do some ill-fated off-roading, and the aroma of the plants crushed under foot and tire was intoxicating. I had hoped that we could travel down a path toward RPC that has beautiful vistas, but we were thwarted by some construction being done on one of our city's many bridges. Instead, we rode to a luscious garden located within our city's research park, plopped down in cedar chairs in a wood pavilion lit by mission-style lamps, and gazed over the pond while sipping rosehip tea and eating crepes. We stayed until 10:30 p.m., and it was still light enough to make our way home down the path. Welcome, summer!

Wow, Spiney, that bikeride sure sounds fun. I am also glad summer is here. Have you ever tried biking on the woodchip trail down by the Broadway bridge? Last week, a cougar was spotted there.
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