Tuesday, January 04, 2005


All is Vanity

So, you're posting to your blog every day, and you're being very clever. But how do you know if anyone is reading your stuff??

Some people install a site tracker on their blog, that can record every visit to their blog and what path the person took to get there. (I don't know how to do this yet.)

Another way to tell if someone is reading your blog is to find out who has added you to their blogroll. You can search for your URL (the address of your blog) using Technorati, to see who has links to it.

How many blogs do you read a day, Gwen? How do real blog enthusiasts find the time?
I don't have the time to read blogs every day, and I too am fascinated by people who seem to be able to stay on top of a lot of blogs all the time. I think of blogs as 'reality T.V. for people who don't watch T.V.', and so maybe it's just a good way to unwind for some people.

I do make time to read my sister's blog on a regular basis, though, because in some ways I get more information this way than I do on the telephone!
Do you think the reason you get more info from her blog than from a phone call is because even though she knows the blog is public, the fact that she's writing in the blog the way she would in a journal sort of loosens her tongue and makes her reveal more than she would normally?
No, I don't think that's it, exactly. It's more like she writes little stories from daily life that she might not remember to tell me on the phone. And the stories are more well-formed 'stories', since she's had time to think about them and compose them as 'stories'. If that makes sense.
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